Berkeley Rhinos players who attend practice will play in the team’s matches. RugbyNorCal matches feature open substitution, meaning a player can join the team for part of a match, watch a portion of the match on the sideline, and rejoin the team later.

High School Juniors and Seniors form the Varsity Team. Freshmen and Sophomores normally form the JV team, but can join the Varsity Team with sufficient experience and ability.

Usually, the Varsity and JV teams play on the same day at the same location, one after the other. Team hosting usually follows the second match.




Rugby is a sport based on respect for match officials, coaches, opponents, fans, and teammates.

Berkeley Rhinos players understand and agree they will respect everyone associated with the sport. Berkeley Rhinos players will not commit foul play, including punching, kicking, or dangerous tackling. If Berkeley Rhinos players do not show respect for others, or commit foul play, they understand and agree the coaches will immediately remove them from the game.